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I began taking ballet lessons at the age of 5, and by the time I was 13 was accepted for classes at The School of American Ballet, home to The New York City Ballet Co. I attended The University of Cincinnati to further my dance studies. Following a major injury which prevented me from dancing for several years, I obtained my bachelors degree in nursing and worked in the field of obstetrics. I was fortunate to adopt and raise 3 beautiful children. Meghan, Jamie, and Carolyn are uniquely different, each having great talent and abilities. They have been my greatest teachers.
I love being outdoors, and was a part owner of a thriving landscape company for a few years. I loved coming home at the end of the day after having driven the company dumptruck and handling the heavy commercial lawn equipment. It reminded me of being a kid again, complete with all the dirt, sweat, and energetic play. I currently live in Michigan on a beautiful property of 90 acres. My rustic and elegant home overlooks a 13 acre spring fed lake stocked with fish. The wildlife is amazing, and I am able to watch Canadien geese, wood ducks, turtles, frogs, and one wonderful blue heron splash around in the water. Wild turkey, deer, and coyote also share the property.
I have always had an incredible soft spot and immense sensitivity for animals. During my childhood our mother always allowed me and my 4 sisters to have many pets in our home. Some of them were a bit unconventional: like the goat we took to school for "show n tell", or the birds we rescued after summer thunderstorms tossed them out of their nests. We also had a dog named Sandy who broke his back after a high jump and became paralyzed. My mom kept him alive, and exercized his lower limbs every day. She built a small pool which provided him with water therapy. Our cat, Tiger Tom, developed leukemia and my mom kept him alive by researching special foods and feeding him a selective diet.
My interest in making custom "nests" or beds for my pets stems in part from my mom's teachings throughout my life and a desire to create something totally unique and beautiful. It also comes from a place deep within me...and from the peace I feel as I tuck each of my pets safely into bed every nite, free from fears of being homeless, hungry, or abused. Each bed is like a big hug that allows our pets to sleep safely throughout the night. It is the simple wish and the passionate dream I envision for all feel the comfort, joy, and security of a very big hug from a loving and caring family....each and every night of their lives.